Samsung American Fridge Freezer Repair Harrogate and District

Certain models of Samsung American fridge freezer develop particular faults in the fridge compartment. These include icing up of the back wall, not getting cold enough and making a grating sound which stops when the fridge door is opened.

These problems are caused by failure of one or more of a small group of components behind the inner back wall of the fridge section. In addition, the back wall itself can become damaged by ice build up although this is less common.

Models effected include those with model numbers beginning RS21, RSH1, RSJ1, SRS2026, SRS2028, SRS2029.  You will find these numbers on the ratings plate on the inside left wall of the fridge compartment.

We charge a call out of £20 and £10 per subsequent half hour. Within this half hour we will be able to provide a complete diagnosis and total cost to repair. A typical repair will cost £110 inclusive of  parts, call out and labour although occasionally this will be more if there is extensive damage requiring more parts.

Please call 01765 609186 or 07936 333539 to discuss your requirements.


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