Kenwood Chef Repairs

Kenwood Chef  Repairs in Ripon, Pateley Bridge, Thirsk, Boroughbridge and Harrogate

We are experienced in the repair of a range of Kenwood mixers from the earlier A701, right through to the modern KMs.

Kenwood Chefs are amongst the most durable, robust and well designed machines we have seen with many still going strong after nearly 50 years.

Most of the problems encountered with these machines fall into two categories:

  1. No power/jerky low speed operation or a bang accompanied by smoke billowing out of the machine. All these faults are rectified by repairs to the speed control circuit.
  2. Oil leaking into mixing bowl, in which case we strip the gearbox, re-pack with fresh grease and then re-seal.

Other less common problems include damage to cast components, speed control knobs etc. However with our experience and access to a comprehensive range of spares and accessories, you’ll be whipping up a storm in the kitchen in on time.

For all your Kenwood Chef spares and repairs call Ripon Repairs 07936 333539 or 01765 609186 to speak with a highly knowledgeable engineer.

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