Where Can I Find the Model Number and What Does it Look Like?

When enquiring about repairs to an appliance, it helps if you can supply the make and model number. This enables us to identify spare parts price and availability and based on our experience, advise on how repairable the appliance is. Model numbers usually consist of letters and numbers, for example:

WMD962P,  DIN14C10,  VTD00G,  U1421N2GB,  RSH1,  DC24 etc

Likely places to find model numbers include:

Washing machines and dryers – on back of door, on door frame, on front top right of machine.

Ovens, cookers and microwave ovens – on door frame.

Range cookers – on door frame or behind/inside lower drawer.

Dishwashers – on stainless steel surface of the edge of the door, either on a sticker or etched onto the top edge.

Refrigeration – on the inside wall of the fridge compartment, often behind the lower drawer.

Vacuum cleaners – pretty much anywhere but often on the back or underside.

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